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Offering meticulous knife sharpening to perfect your craft.

As of July 2023


Alan Schroeder

Founder Alan Schroeder is at the helm of Mr. Sharpe. As a knife sharpening hobbyist for several years, Alan decided it was time to offer his expertise to residents and business owners in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. 

Launching in late 2022, Mr. Sharpe immediately felt the demand for expert knife sharpening services both residentially and commercially. Alan and his business partner, Melvin Giles, continue to evolve Mr. Sharpe and the services they offer to accommodate a range of needs and industries. 

Mr Sharpe Knives & Sharpening_Southern and Central California_September 2023-22.jpg

Melvin Giles

Melvin Giles is Alan's business partner and co-owner of Mr. Sharpe. He's quickly becoming the face of Mr. Sharpe. He's likely the one to greet you with a smile and sharpen your knives while he's out in the field. He's a pro at what he does, so make sure you ask him any question you may have or bring him your toughest, dullest knives. 


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